Tasks Undertaken (marine/non marine)

Marine Containers Liquid Cargoes
P&I Investigation Inspection of Containers Cargo tank inspection
Hull Surveys Stowage & Stuffing Surveys Ullage and weight calculations
Claim adjustments Out Turn Surveys Cargo contamination investigation
On/Off hire Surveys Dry Cargoes LPG loading calculations
Hatch Surveys Break Bulk Surveys Bunker calculations
Condition Surveys Stowage Surveys Bulk loading/discharging superintendence
Pre - Loading inspections Draft Surveys ROB Surveys
Cleanliness of Holds/ Tanks Reefer Cargo Surveys  
Reefer Chamber/Container inspection Inspection of damaged Cargoes  
Pressure testing of tanks Loss investigations  
Lawyers Bulk cargo loading/discharging  
Marine Electronics    
Stow away    

Other Tasks

Other surveys services sought by the Insurance, Reinsurances and Ships Agent , we have made them our business and some of the available services are:

Flood /Fire and Allied Perils Surveys Agricultural Engineers Electrical Engineers
Burglary Surveys Recovery Arts Specialists,Experts & Surveyors
CAR( contractors all-Risks) Surveys Veterinary Doctors Inspectors
Civil Engineers Mechanical Engineers Media Films